Rare Monkeys

The two monkeys shown on our titlepage and in the gallery (section Bulu) with the number 1545 have found a relative in the literature. In the book „ Die Kunst des Schwarzen Afrika“ J.Kerchache et.al. published in the Herder Publishing House 1989 a monkey figure is found under the book numbers 145 and 146 on the page 569. The name of this monkey figure is Ngil. It plays an important role in fighting magical forces. The authors say that only about 10 Bulu monkeys are known.They really seem to be rare. Looking at several thousand african figures we never saw a Bulu monkey except our one. Our Bulu Monkeys are old and have a beautiful patina. The expression of the two monkes is so intensive as it is only possible in a work of a good artist. If you vary the positions of the figures to each other you get a lot of funny constallations

2 apes

Our Bulu monkey listed in our gallery under the number 55 is also mentioned in the above cited book of J.Karchache et.al. under the number 971 on pge 569.

Of course we are very happy to have these beutiful and old monkeys in our collection

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