African Fetisches

African Fetishes own a magical power obtained in special rituals. They are needed very often for protection, like protection from illness or protection during pregnancy. But they can bring luck like pregnancy or success while hunting They often have many nails and mystical equipment. The objects are simple handycraft, but many collectors like them .

Dolls are normally not for playing with. The are needed for the education of girls for the coming motherhood. When waiting for pregnancy the girls are carrying the dolls.

One example of an African figure and their role in the African life, includes the Yoruba-Ere lbeji dolls. These are memorial figures which are created after a single or both twin babies have died. The mother then continues to „nourish“, wash and cloth these dolls, just as she would live babies. This is done to prevent any harm from being unleashed on the remaining children which are alive and it is also designed to help the mother deal with her loss.

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