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Dan Fetish (N° 24905) Deposit sale

French African art collection.
This rare male figure offers a solid constitution resting on ample digitized feet. Her necklace, imprisoned around a resinous mass, forms an amulet with a protective aim. Patterns depicting cowries are traced. Grayish ritual patina, locally crusty. Cracks, abrasions from use.
Gifts of women, food, festive ceremonies, and honorable status once rewarded dan carvers who were granted this talent during a dream. The latter was the means of communication of Du, invisible spiritual power, with men. Statuary, rare, had a prestigious role with its owner. These are mainly effigies of wives, lü mä, wooden human beings.  


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OriginCollection française Trillaud
Countrycôte d'ivoire
Material(s)wood, cauris, textile
Height cm38
Width15 cm
Weight0.89 Kg

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